Opte Skin Printer Review on Dark Skin

This product has now been discontinued 🥲

A makeup-skincare printerOPTE intuitively scans your skin for discoloration and “prints” skin-enhancing coverage precisely where you need it.

I decided to try the OPTE make up printer since it’s seemed like a revolutionary product. The device is supposed to scan your face and deposit their specialty foundation like serum. It is supposed to give you a flawless finish like foundation or bb cream yet supposed to improve your skin and give you the benefits of a skin care serum. So honestly the best of both worlds.

The Opte device retailed for $599 and comes with a cartridge but I managed to snag it on Poshmark for $200. The OPTE refill kit is $99 dollars. I was hoping that the high price point would make it worth it, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The OPTE refill kit comes in three shades

I got the darkest shade – Formula 03: Deep Skin Tones

I will say set up was incredibly easy. I got the device fully charged and he cartridge was magnetic and it popped right in. That was where the good news stopped.

Even though I got the darkest shade, it was still way too light. Then, I had a lot of difficulty getting getting the device to work. it didn’t do a good job scanning my face and it actually took more than 5 minutes to get a noticeable amount of the product on my face.

My final review was that it was a waste of money, didn’t work particularly well, and wasn’t particular accessible. the lack of shade range and the high price point was a big deterrent. I absolutely wouldn’t recommend it and since they’re closing shop, I’m guessing others wouldn’t either.

My full review on youtube is here:


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