Pop!ron by Parlor

I tried the pop iron by parlor which is basically a 3-d flat iron. It was $79.99 but they have 20% sale going on.

The pop iron comes with 4 different shapes (star, lightning bolt, heart, and triangular crimper) as well as the regular flat iron plate.

Changing the plates of the pop iron is really simple. Since the plates slide out, you can just slide the new ones in.

It was really easy to use the pop iron: you plug it in as a regular iron and apply to your hair. For each stamp, it takes about 10-30 secs for it to set.

Some things to note about the pop iron.

  1. If you want to stamp a pattern, you will not be able to actually straighten your hair so it’s recommended to do that first.
  2. The stamps themselves don’t actually last that long in your hair (1-3 hours tops)

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