Shades by Shan JCPenney Launch Event

Shades by Shan is a bay area founded beauty brand by Shan Berries. They recently had their JCPenney Launch event so you can now find their full range of products at a JCPenney location near you.

I found out about the event through EventBrite and immediately got a ticket to attend.

The set up of the event was beautiful. there were balloons, a DJ, two photo booths and a line of people wrapped around the beauty section of the JCPenney.

The team was very kind and gave the first 100 a gift bag full of goodies.

After a wait of 45 minutes, and a slow moving line we were allowed to enter. The founders, JCPenney representative who facilitated the deal, and Mama Berry herself gave a speech and cut the ribbon.

There was also a giveaway from the foundation the Shades by Shan Team started – The Mamaberries Foundation which supports single parents. The give away of $2500 was to a very deserving community member who lost her brother, cared for her elderly family members, and was impacted by covid at her work place.

After this, there was the unveiling of the window display and make up stand at JCPenney. then attendees were allowed to mix and mingle, do some shopping, use the photo booths, and get both hair and makeup styled by JCPenney and Shades by Shan associates. They also had Samba dancers for entertainment.

I did decide to support the brand and bought almost $300 worth of products to review later. I got an eyeshadow palette, 2 lip kits, the simmer collection, a lipstick, a lipgloss, and a blush palette. I wanted to get their contour palette, but unfortunately it was to light for me.

All in all, I had a pretty good time and I’m looking forward to reviewing the products.

Opte Skin Printer Review on Dark Skin

This product has now been discontinued 🥲

A makeup-skincare printerOPTE intuitively scans your skin for discoloration and “prints” skin-enhancing coverage precisely where you need it.

I decided to try the OPTE make up printer since it’s seemed like a revolutionary product. The device is supposed to scan your face and deposit their specialty foundation like serum. It is supposed to give you a flawless finish like foundation or bb cream yet supposed to improve your skin and give you the benefits of a skin care serum. So honestly the best of both worlds.

The Opte device retailed for $599 and comes with a cartridge but I managed to snag it on Poshmark for $200. The OPTE refill kit is $99 dollars. I was hoping that the high price point would make it worth it, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The OPTE refill kit comes in three shades

I got the darkest shade – Formula 03: Deep Skin Tones

I will say set up was incredibly easy. I got the device fully charged and he cartridge was magnetic and it popped right in. That was where the good news stopped.

Even though I got the darkest shade, it was still way too light. Then, I had a lot of difficulty getting getting the device to work. it didn’t do a good job scanning my face and it actually took more than 5 minutes to get a noticeable amount of the product on my face.

My final review was that it was a waste of money, didn’t work particularly well, and wasn’t particular accessible. the lack of shade range and the high price point was a big deterrent. I absolutely wouldn’t recommend it and since they’re closing shop, I’m guessing others wouldn’t either.

My full review on youtube is here:


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I Let A Robot Paint My Nails – Clockwork Nail Robot

Clockwork came out with a robot that can paint your nails in less than 10 minutes. The robot is supposed to save you time and money vs a standard manicure.

Clockwork machines can be found at certain Target locations and appointment have to be booked online. It The manicure will cost between $8-10. As a side note it’s simple painting of the nails and not any of the other things you would get in the salon.

When I booked my appointment, I wanted to verify two things:

  1. How well the clockwork robot could paint my bare nails
  2. If the clockwork robot would be able to pay acrylics/nail extension.They state that it can only work on natural nails but I wanted to see if it would work.

At the time of going, they had a limited selection of colors so I selected a pink color.

On my left hand, I added some clear acrylic nails and my right hand was bare.


I booked my appointment online and drove to the Target. When I arrived at the Target location, a clockwork associate helped me set up. I selected my color and she started up the machine. It was a bit finicky at first since your finger has to be perfectly positioned and perfectly still. However, I quickly got the hang of it.

When doing the hand with acrylics, the machine had a bit of a difficult time but I expected this. I did finish around the 10 minute mark and after the machine was done, the associate sprayed the matte finishing spray on it and I was done.

I paid the same way I scheduled my appointment so that was an easy process.


My right hand got painted fine for the most part. It was a little spotty on some nails, but overall it was fine.

My left hand did not come out good. The robot painted the nail in the pattern of the glue instead of following the nail shape.

Additionally, the nail polish is not particularly heat resistant. If you take hot showers like I do or wash your hands with hot water, it compromises the integrity of the nail polish. The polish started peeling for me within two days and was completely gone by day 4.

Would I recommend:

I would recommend trying this out if you fall under the following criteria:

  1. You want a quick manicure (10 minutes vs 30-60 minutes at a salon)
  2. You don’t mind doing nail maintenance yourself (pushing down cuticles, trimming, filing, etc)
  3. Willing to wash your hands with cooler water

Pop!ron by Parlor

I tried the pop iron by parlor which is basically a 3-d flat iron. It was $79.99 but they have 20% sale going on.

The pop iron comes with 4 different shapes (star, lightning bolt, heart, and triangular crimper) as well as the regular flat iron plate.

Changing the plates of the pop iron is really simple. Since the plates slide out, you can just slide the new ones in.

It was really easy to use the pop iron: you plug it in as a regular iron and apply to your hair. For each stamp, it takes about 10-30 secs for it to set.

Some things to note about the pop iron.

  1. If you want to stamp a pattern, you will not be able to actually straighten your hair so it’s recommended to do that first.
  2. The stamps themselves don’t actually last that long in your hair (1-3 hours tops)

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